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The RMIT Computer Science and Information Technology Society is the prominent social and tech club at RMIT University in Australia.

As an executive member of the club, Ben Koder (https://benkoder.me) and I undertook a full brand redesign following a long reign of the previous stale logo and graphics.

Previous logo

See below the logo that the club was using, and some notes on why it was not ideal.

Old logo




The redesign had a few simple rules:

We believe we were able to achieve all of these with our redesign.


Our new logo is simple. It's very easy to recognise once you have seen it once. It's blocky, pixelated feel definitely captures the "spirit" of the club. And of course, it works on a variety of backgrounds.


We also shifted the colour slightly from #BE1F2E to #B22222, also known as the web colour 'firebrick'. We hope this change helps keep the colour more consistent and easier to use.


Lastly, four stickers were designed to print and give away at events. A large sticker of our logo, plus 3 other designs, all about half the size, for a little variety.